The end of my silence…

I’m rarely on Twitter, so when a friend sent a screenshot of this series of Tweets, I was astounded but convinced myself to maintain my silence, even though the other tweets by this person practically told us who information came from. My husband had been accused of having me help him write his reports.

It wasn’t until I saw this tweet that I knew that I had to act. Saying my husband’s name, saying he was fired, saying I wrote his reports for him? So I consulted an attorney, who said that this person probably knew everything and hadn’t signed anything saying she would not speak about the incident. My response? Well neither the hell did I.

Screenshot posted on Twitter

This is a tweet from a Chief’s wife tweeted after AltwilcoPio or Buddy Falcon posted about the Fikac’s bankruptcy in August of 2019. Which is something I discovered, and that they were not disclosing their full income, and reported to Robert Chody mid March, 2018. I shared this information with several attorneys and others that just hated Chody. I do not know who shared it with AltWilcoPio or Buddy Falcon.

I’ll post my responses to the tweets below, as a way to get quick information out as to what occurred. My next blogs will detail how we got here, where we are now, and where we go from here.

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