Terry Ballard joins Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

Using his GI bill, Terry put himself through CAPCOG. He had already gone through several academic academies, including a police academy, AIT, and Air Assault school. We knew that each test was a stressful event and he struggled with that part of it. The physical part, which many times is what is the most daunting, came relatively easy to him.

We held nightly study sessions each night, after I had been teaching high school all day. Almost always we were joined by as many as four of his classmates. One in particular lived about an hour from CAPCOG and had a small child, so he would often just crash on our sofa and they would ride in together. He and my husband were both hired at Williamson County at the same time.

Report-writing, at that time, was done often initially completely on paper. His reports would often come back with red marks correcting his spelling and grammar. Rarely if ever were the reports returned because essential information was missing.

He spent three years on patrol and an opening came up on the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force which included becoming a member of the SWAT team. He trained, tested and got the position.

Becoming a member of the SWAT team for a Sheriff’s Office in a county of almost half a million, after coming from a town of less than 500, was something he really had never even imagined he could do. It was the ultimate dream. As most of the SWAT (although Sheriff Wilson preferred the term SMT – Special Missions Team) member did, he got the coveted SWAT tattoo.

This was his dream, and he had worked hard to obtain it.

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